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Here's How I Research to Find Unique Angles For My Content

I share my four go-to-research methods that help me identify unique takeaways and fill gaps in current ranking pages.

7 Video Marketing Case Studies You Must Look at

A list of seven successful video marketing case studies showcasing how different companies have used videos to hit their KPIs.

The Quick Guide to Enterprise SaaS SEO

In this guide, I have covered the essential enterprise SaaS SEO elements to succeed in the SERPs.

Enterprise SEO Pricing: How Much Should You Really Be Paying?

This guide dive deep into different enterprise SEO pricing models and also shares insights from experts and how much they pay for enterprise SEO services.

7 PPC Audit Tools to Optimize Your Ad Performance Across all Platforms

In this listicle post, I go in-detail about 7 free and paid PPC audit tools to run detailed analyses and improve PPC ads performance across all platforms.

23 Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers in 2024

This article is one of my favorite one. I share a list of 23 newsletter ideas and also share real-life examples of those ideas in action.

Interactive AMP Emails: Redefining The Future Of Email Marketing

Interactivity allows recipients to take action within emails that we traditionally associate with landing pages. This functionality has the potential to revolutionize the email ecosystem. Read on to know why.

You Are Doing Email Personalization Wrong. Here's Why

This newsletter talks about my thoughts on why email personalization is more than adding recipient's first name and share three ways to do that.

10 Essential Public Relations Tools for Managing Your Brand Reputation

In this post, I have curated a list of 10 public relations tools that takes care of a lot of PR-related tasks.

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