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Blog post writing

I have worked with several B2B SaaS brands to create engaging blog posts. I have worked on multiple content formats: How-to's, listicles, review pages, and top of the funnel articles.

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To achieve success with video marketing, you need to do it right. In this article, I’ve put together seven successful video marketing case studies showcasing how different companies have used videos to hit their KPIs.


In this article, I shared insights into four research methods that help her find content ideas and identify unique takeaways.

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This is a comprehensive guide to understanding enterprise SaaS SEO and how it differs from traditional SEO.

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In this article, I have discussed 10 tools to streamline public relations.

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This article aims to help enterprises learn about SEO pricing. I have added average cost from experts giving a more realistic answer.

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In this article, I have talked about everything that marketers need to know about email accessibility. 

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This article covers interesting newsletter ideas that you can steal right away and engage recipients.

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7 PPC Audit Tools to Optimize Your Ad Performance Across all Platforms

This article deep dives into 7 free and paid PPC audit tools to analyze ad campaigns across various platforms.

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I wrote this article covering nitty-gritty of how to promote webinars via emails and get maximum registration with email sequence examples and templates.

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This article covers a step by step guide to creating a compelling and detailed sponsorship levels to attract potential sposnors.


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This is repurposed newsletter from the article written by me where I talk about how email personalization goes beyond first name of the recipient.

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In this newsletter, I shared 5 interesting and engaging Valentine's day email campaigns ideas.

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This newsletter offers a strong stance in favor of why and how interactive emails are changing the email marketing landscape.

Nupur's great to work with! From her outline to the draft, her work was super detailed and practical. She was super responsive and receptive to feedback throughout the process.


Tamilore Oladipo,

Content Writer, Buffer

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