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Content optimization

‘I will make sure every blog post is the best it can be.’

In SaaS, content refresh becomes crucial as you need to convince multiple buyers, including the legal and compliance team. You can’t risk having outdated or inaccurate information.

And to keep offering helpful and relevant information to the buyer throughout their journey, you must keep a check over outdated information.

With my expertise, I will assist your team in updating existing pages beyond typical keyword optimization.


What it includes:

✔︎ Identify information gaps in existing content.

✔︎ Check for factual errors, sentence structures, formatting

✔︎ Plug in relevant CTAs and product features

✔︎ Tools I have a good grip on:, Ahrefs, SurferSEO

PS: I have built my content optimization checklist. I use this checklist and the client's guidelines to refresh content pages.

A content writer taking notes
A content writer taking notes
A content writer taking notes
A content writer taking notes
A content writer taking notes
A content writer typing on her macbook

Long-from content writing

I will help you create content that serves your audience and brings customers.


Content that puts your audience first and search engine second (I am also well-versed with on-page SEO tactics)


Additionally, I follow a Show, don’t tell writing philosophy, where I add real-life examples, experiences, and expert insights to create actionable and helpful content.

📌 I'm particularly adept at writing these content formats:​

Want me to write long-form helpful content? 

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A glimpse of results I can drive for your brand 

📈 Write content pieces that outrank your competitors.

👥 ﹥ 🤖 Content optimized for your target audience first and search engine second.

🚀  Produce real-life examples and insights-driven content.

Nupur Mittal
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