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Services I offer

This is where we get to business.

I bring both my skills and my enthusiasm to all the services I offer.


Content writing

I will work alongside your content team to create blog posts that take you one step closer to your goals.​

Useful, informative, and high-quality content.

Here is a breakdown of the types of content I can help you with:

  • How-to guides

  • Listicles

  • Bottom of the funnel content (Competitor review pages, case studies)


Content Refresh

Don't let your old blog posts collect dust. They can become a huge source of traffic and revenue for your business.


With my expertise in running content audits and on-page SEO, I will help optimize old blog posts for both visibility and revenue. Here's what I will help you do:

  • Create a content optimization plan by prioritizing blog posts to update/refresh

  • Create a checklist for optimizing the content. If you already have one, I'll use that.

My work in action

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